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What's Your Insomnia Type?

What's Your Insomnia Type?

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Here’s the thing.

Not all insomnia types are equal. 

If you cannot fall asleep fast, it is a completely different insomnia type than if you cannot sleep at all, you wake up too early in the morning, or you have light and restless sleep.  They are all sleep disorders – but depending on your exact sleep problem is how you need to tailor your sleep solution (or sleep solutions).

No-one else is giving you the big picture on sleep, and specifically natural sleep. 

Most internet sites are selling natural sleep aids and sleep products as overall sleep solutions, without telling you how their product or method actually fits in with your particular sleep problem. 

Watch this video that introduces our comprehensive sleep study to get clear on your insomnia type and bring you much closer to the insomnia solution that is applicable to your particular case. 

Your solution could be NOT doing something, rather than taking sleep remedies to aid sleep.  Your tailored ‘sleep therapy’ might involve eating differently (to avoid certain food additives and chemicals), or having a closer look at the medications you are taking – some of which have the side effect of depression, insomnia, anxiety, restless sleep, etc.  Some of our clients are getting better sleep just by understanding healthy sleep habits, and implementing some lifestyle changes.

If you can’t sleep, or don’t have restful sleep it’s not necessarily a herbal sleep remedy that is going to help.  If anxiety, OCD, ADHD, sleep apnea, snoring, depression or unresolved emotional issues are your problem you need to go further, dig a little deeper, to resolve your sleep problem. 

The Hypnos Club is the definitive sleep study that pinpoints natural sleep solutions depending on your exact sleep problem.  And the information is coming directly to you from world class sleep experts, without the bias that comes from companies selling a particular sleep product.

Insomnia is always a symptom of something else, in The Hypnos Club you’ll get to investigate the ‘something else’ – privately, in your own time.

Peaceful nights,


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